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About Us

About Us

The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee (SCFT) is a charitable, non-profit, 501(C) 3 organization that operates for the benefit of individuals living with Sickle Cell Disease in the State of Tennessee and the Mid South community. The foundation was founded in 2008 by Trevor K. Thompson and Cherry N. Whitehead-Thompson. Trevor has sickle cell disease and serves as a Sickle Cell Advocate for the state of Tennessee and the Mid-South community. As the chairman of the Diggs Kraus Sickle Cell Clinic advisory council, he logged more than 34,000 volunteer hours and led efforts to raise approximately$500,000 during his tenure. 

The Sickle Cell Foundation of Tennessee was founded to meet the unmet needs of individuals living with Sickle Cell Disease. The foundation educates Sickle Cell consumers about how to manage their disease and improve their quality of life. SCFT promotes the concept, “live a life worth living”. Therefore, SCFT provides consumers with the resources, materials, and tools to foster interdependence, which ultimately increases education and their quality of health care. 

The SCFT has been recognized as the official chapter for the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America in the state of Tennessee. SCFT was recognized as the 2010-2011 Sickle Cell community based organization of the year by the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. In 2012, SCFT was recognized as the Corporation of the Year by the Stone Awards and recently was recognized for its positive impact in the community by the Memphis Black Expo. 

Throughout its short history SCFT has built a considerable momentum. In just 6 years the organization has developed an effective array of successful programs with measurable outcomes, cultivated a qualified and capable staff and dedicated volunteer team and established community wide support with a strong base of collaborations and strategic partnerships. 

Meet Our CEO & CAO

Our Board Members

Lewis Bell, Esq.

Board Member

Michael A Jackson

Director of Operations - Trans...

Dr. William Terrell, Jr.

Board Chair/Interim CEO

SCFT Staff

Trevor K. Thompson – CEO

James H. Taylor – CAO

Gloria Carson – Administrative Asst.

April Bell – Patient Outreach Coordinator (Middle Tennessee)


Justin Flowers – Patient Outreach Coordinator (West Tennessee)


Shelfina Wilkens – Data Manager

Alexandria Thompson – Project Manager

Memphis Advisory Council

Trevor K. Thompson, Chair

Sherry Brown, Vice Chair

James H. Taylor, III, CAO

Chem Wilkins, SCFT Advisor

Vanessa Steele, L.S.S.W.

Patricia Adams-Graves, MD

Vanessa Harrington, R. N.

Kelsey Stinnes

Khamsin Jackson

Angela Houston

Lewis Simmons

Nori Gardner

Stan Gardner

Deadrick Clayborn, R. N.

April Rhine

April Ward

Tiffany Wright

Audry Davis

Warren Jones

Shelfina Jones

Nashville Advisory Council

Trevor Thompson

Alexis Gordon

April Bell

Emmalene Palmer

Stacy Clark

Kenneth Webster

Lisa Webster

Darlene Hereford Boyd

Linda Webster

Sandra Woods

Kecia Watford

Tameka Russell

Brittany Covert

Susan Jordan

Felix Claybrook

Josef Jackson

Bernard Lewis

Anika Wilkersin

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