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A Motivational Mother’s Day – When God Says You Can

At an early age, I was told that I had Sickle Cell Trait.  I was told by the age of 10 that I could not marry anyone with Sickle Cell and have children.  My parents and family made sure I knew the results. I was told not to have a stressful major but chose one

Celebrating Life – Three Tips For Living with Sickle Cell Disease

It has been ten years this month since I have had a hospital admission. As I reflect on this decade of life. I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to utilize this time to make a difference in the lives affected by Sickle Cell Disease. Within this past decade, I have lost my

Trevor’s Thoughts – Sickle Cell Disease & Entrepreneurship

On yesterday I met with a young couple who has a two year old with Sickle Cell Disease and they were so eager to learn about what resources and support could be provided for their family SCFT. I was sadden to hear about how they have been terminated from various jobs, simply because they had

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